Blennerville Station (C) Mike Dowling


some remnants of the coaches bogies (C) Mike Dowling

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Revival of the steam railway

The group was initially set up as there was a concern locally over the lack of progress on the blennerville steam railway (remnant of the former Tralee & Dingle narrow gauge railway - see photo (C) Mike Dowling left) 


 One of the founder's other main motive was because his grandfather (currently 87) often told him stories about the former T&D railway in its passenger days, his grandfather Is the last person alive to have travelled on the T&D castlegregory branch as a young schoolboy. He travelled the section past blennerville every day en route to the Christian Brothers in Tralee. Unfortunately he is quite ill at the moment, and he is another reason for the determination and motive to get something going again. Indeed there are several other persons who remember the original train running, but time is not on our side.

Unfortunately the railway has been decaying for over 5 years. The railway requires a good deal of funding to be operational again, of which estimates have been sought. It would be a worthwhile also be of great benefit to the local economy particularly Blennerville, if the railway was re-opened  it could generate a lot of economic activity locally.


If you have any ideas or want to find out more, fill the contact form or log onto facebook:


Group Members: Positions and contact details

The membership is composed of over 420 members (facebook site) this has many local tralee people from a business and enthusiast background, along with many people all over the country and indeed the UK. A number of railway consultants are working voluntary towards the cause, and there is a determination from all members to contribute positively towards the goal.


 Currently there is a lose structure of core people involved, but this will be formalised soon, all updates will be posted as they appear!