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Gathering momentum!!

Posted by Darragh Connolly on January 30, 2015 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (20)

In recent weeks, the Facebook group site ( ) has really been exploding with interest!!

We are now at over 430 members, from all over Ireland, the UK and even America. Some have experience in railway preservation before, others have useful skills, but we are united by one cause to re-eopen the line to services, and develop on from this like the previous line never was.

See attached pics (C) Dave Curran, in Wenesday's Tralee edition of "The Kerryman", making the front page no less! Many thanks to reporter Marisa Reidy for doing the article and for publiscising her concern over the lack of progress there.

Please keep an eye on Facebook for further updates! Will try to scan a better quality version soon!

Dedication Peter Levy

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Hi all,

As per recent updates, I cannot leave the news section without adding the death of Peter Levy in 2013. Peter moved from London to work in "The Kerryman" and later moved to "The Cork Examiner". He was a die hard railway enthusuiast, and was one of the leading lights who secured the last Tralee and Dingle loco, number 5T, from america.

He was dismayed and later became dissolussioned when he offered his services and experience to assist in helping the then Tralee Council were turned down, he then died frustrated that the line was not running and never reached what it could have been.

This will only add to our motives to restore services and develop the line for Tralee's economy and community.

Rest in Peace Peter. 

Tralee Chamber Status:

Posted by Darragh Connolly on May 7, 2014 at 2:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Status available at:


11 million euro of funding will be ring fenced for Tralee following the abolishing of the town councils.

The pledge was made at the final regular monthly meeting of Tralee Town Council.

The local authority’s financial statement shows there’s a credit balance of just over 11 million euro in Tralee Town Council’s coffers on December 31st last.

Town Manager Michael McMahon told the meeting they had got assurances from Kerry County Council that this money will be ring fenced for investments in the town.

Mr McMahon said he had been told the money won’t amalgamated and is tagged for Tralee jobs.

Meanwhile, County Manager Tom Curran was also in attendance at the meeting who said it will be a huge challenge for Kerry County Council and the new structure to have a seamless transfer of services.

The town councillors all thanked Mr Curran for attending the meeting and for his work as county manager.

Town Clerk Michael Scannell thanked the county manager who retires next month on behalf of council staff, adding the manager always had a soft spot for Tralee.(Radio Kerry)

Tralee Chamber Alliance status

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Status from Tralee Chamber Alliance whose webpage can be viewed here:



"Serious concern has been expressed about the future of a number of Tralee tourism projects, once the town council is abolished in May.


Outgoing councillors are worried that once the local authority is wound up, some tourist facilities in the Kerry capital might not be as well funded by the new Municipal Authority.


Speaking at what was Tralee Town Council’s last ever budget meeting, town manager Michael McMahon said he hoped the Tralee Wetlands would pay its way in the future, but this was likely to be a challenge.


The meeting also heard that major refurbishment work is planned for the Kerry County Museum, but this will now have to be put before the new Municipal Authority for consideration.


It also emerged that the Tralee to Blennerville steam train is not due to open in the immediate future.


Councillor Grace O’Donnell said Tralee was now a great place to bring tourists, but she now had major concerns about the future support of some of the town’s facilities.


These sentiments were echoed by Mayor of Tralee Pat Hussey, who said that with the arrival of the new local authority, Tralee councillors would find themselves fighting with the Healy-Raes over whether available funding should go to Tralee or Kenmare.


Town Clerk Michael Scannell however, said he was confident Tralee would get the investment it needed." (Radio Kerry)

I would love if the council published the "quotes" it got for re-opening of the line, according to the chamber they were €350,000, a figure that seems very inflated given the research and hours we have put in. People who have been in the railway preservation industry for over 40 years have expressed doubt that those figures stand up.

Our internal research has indicated a figure of somewhere between €120,000 and €140,000 is required to reopen the line with a volunteer management and council support. We should not expect councils to run railways.

How to fund:

It is very possible to fund such a scheme with the above costs,through a mixture of fundraising, private loan capital (work is ongoing in this area) and LEADER rural development funding. There is no doubt that this project is completely fundable, its just getting the right people to lead the charge. 


Posted by Darragh Connolly on October 14, 2013 at 8:50 PM Comments comments (1)

Unfortunately there is no progress and unlikey to be any for the forseable future what with budget cuts, and also the uncertainty of Tralee Town Council being abolished leaves the line in a very insecure position. Despite much to offer in terms of knowledge and enthusiasm this group seems to be ignored or sidelined by other certain persons. If this continues there will be NO trains running for quite a long time if at all.